Linguine with Scampi

Linguine with Scampi

Linguine with Scampi is a simple dish that is a bit festive at the same time.

Ingredients for Liguine with Scampi:

2 lb - 900 g scampi
14 oz - 400 g linguine (paste)
9 oz - 250 g cherry tomato
1 bulb of fennel
2 shallots
1 chili pepper (red)
1 lemon
1 dash of olive oil
¼ bunch of parsley
1 pinch of pepper
1 pinch of salt

How to make Liguine with Scampi:

Let the scampi thaw and drain in time.

Bring a generous amount of water to the boil. Don't be frugal because pasta wants to swim. Also add a good pinch of salt to the water.
Peel the scampi and make a shallow cut along the back of the thick shrimp. Always remove the intestinal tract from the bugs. Use a knife tip or a paper towel for this.
Put on a large high pan and medium heat (a sauté pan) and pour in a dash of olive oil.
Let the oil get hot and fry the scampi on both sides for a few minutes. Season them in between with some freshly ground pepper and a little salt.

Only the golden brown crust counts. The scampi should not be cooked on the inside. That will come later.
Remove the scampi from the pan and set aside for a while. Have the empty pan ready for the rest of the preparation.
Peel the shallots and cut them in half lengthwise. Then cut the half shallots into long fine strips (julienne).
Divide the fennel bulb lengthwise in half and cut away the tough heart near the root piece. Then cut the vegetables into strips about half a centimeter wide.
Heat a dash of olive oil in the deep pan and simmer the shallot and fennel strips for 3 to 5 minutes. Stir regularly and use a medium heat. The fennel should still have some "bite".
In the meantime, cut the red chilli in half lengthwise and scrape out the dangerously spicy seeds. Cut the pieces of pepper into wafer-thin slices. Those who are not fond of spicy can use less chili pepper or, if necessary, no chili pepper.
Put the fine pieces of chili pepper in the pan with vegetables and let them simmer for a while. Then turn the heat very low.
Take the time to cut all the cherry tomatoes in half. Set the small tomatoes aside for a while.
Cook the pasta al dente in the boiling water. Reduce the indicated cooking time by 1 minute, as the pasta will cook for a short time while the dish is being finished.
Set aside some of the starchy cooking liquid. Drain the pasta.
Put the half tomatoes and the pre-fried scampi in the pan with vegetables. Add the thin pasta ribbons and stir carefully. Scooping tongs are ideal for this. In the meantime, the scampi will cook a little longer, without turning into rubber shrimp.
Stir some of the pasta cooking water through the preparation. That provides a nice shine and a little binding.
Finely chop the rinsed parsley. Don't be too skimpy on the amount of parsley. Stir the herb shreds through the dish.
Rinse the lemon and grate some of the thin yellow rind. Sprinkle the pieces of yellow zest into the pan with pasta. Then also drizzle a little fresh lemon juice over the preparation.
Mix everything, taste and add ground pepper and a pinch of salt to taste.

Serve the pasta dish in deep plates.

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