Broccoli with Cheese Soup

Broccoli with Cheese Soup

"Making broccoli soup is not only easy, you can make this soup in a thousand and one ways. In this recipe for broccoli soup, the cheese provides an extra creamy taste."

Ingredients for Broccoli with Cheese Soup:

serves: 4
- ½ pound fresh broccoli ( florets only)
- 8 oz - 225g grated cheddar cheese
- 1 onion, chopped
- 2 oz - 60g melted butter
- 2 oz - 60g flour
- 2 cups - 0,6l milk
- 2 cups - 0,6l chicken stock
- 8 oz - 220g carrots, sliced
- ¼ teaspoon nutmeg
- salt and ground black pepper to taste

How to make Broccoli with Cheese soup:

Saute the onion in a little olive oil in a small pan over medium heat until tender. Set aside.
In a large stockpot melt butter. Add flour and mix for 3 minutes.
Slowly add milc- mixing the entire time.
Slowly add chicken stock- mixing the entire time.
Let simmer on low for 15 minutes.
Add broccoli, carrots & onions and cook on low heat for 25 minutes.
Season with salt, pepper; nutmeg.
Place soup in a blender or use an immersion blender and puree.
Heat soup over low heat and add cheese and mix till melted.

Serve and Enjoy!

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